MindPlay Platform Allows for Mind Control of Videos

by R.E.Curtice

MyndPlay heralds itself as the world's first mind controlled media player and platform which connects with EEG BCI technology to allow viewers an engaging, innovative new level of interactivity with live motion. They assert that they give the user the ability to interact with and change the direction and outcome of a video or movie using only their minds. This new media platform will change greatly interactive film, education, mental sports training and video content by truly immersing the viewer into the plot, storyline and the characters by allowing them to direct or influence the outcome just by relaxing and focusing, they choose who lives and dies, whether the bad guy or the good guy wins, or whether or not the golfer makes that all important putt. AS a matter of fact our golf application lets you play using the mind of a professional golfer one-on-one.

To more information on this revolutionary company we sought out Tre Azam the founder and CEO to hear his explanation. A tall, dark haired young man, he spoke with a slight accent.

Let's begin at the beginning. Give us an overview of your company please.

Essentially what my company MyndPlay did was to take EEG (Electroencephalography) technology and used it to determine the mental state of people watching our game, whether they were relaxed or attentive or a combination of both. We know that within peak performances in sports or businesses it's a combination of high relaxed and high attentiveness that leads to success. Coming from a therapy background and a film background I was looking for a way to use this technology in a short time contact where people could engage and interact without feeling as though they were. During my research and development I came up with a mind set concept which is essentially a media platform that uses scripting language to allow movies to be directed based upon the emotional feedback from the EEG headset.

What I realized was that when people felt you were working on their brain they become cynical, skeptical and withdrawn. So I wanted to find a way to do it purely through entertainment so we developed the MindPlay platform. Next we had to think of different content so now we have a vast range of content that we are developing for the MindPlay platform. We have an interactive movie "Bullet Dodger" that basically makes you deal with conflict and aggression. It is deliberately putting you in scenarios where you become emotionally involved which will agitate you. It is then training you to focus on the agitation in order to progress. Based on that technology we came up with a whole group of concepts. We have a dating application which teaches you to keep your nerves under control in various dating scenarios. We have an interview application which helps you get a job that trains you to control your emotional states in various different situations. We also have a military one, one for the police in the UK for youth offenders showing that if you lose your temper, or if you don't have good emotional control then your life will turn out very differently since emotional stability is almost the core foundation of a successful mind.

Then we asked how could we make the experience more immersive and we came up with a multi-player option for cinemas where the left side of the theater would be the good guys and the right side the bad. Here you're playing an interactive experience and it's competitive. We then made a movie on the sole concept that you have five lives to save and we could split the theater up where you have five friends all responsible for one life each so you're playing a game each other but still playing together. It's amazing how different people respond differently. One group of people would want to put a dedicated effort to save a life while another group is almost passive and would just sit around to see what happens.

We find that some people are using our Thought Field Therapy to achieve what I call Jedi Mind Set to achieve complete emotional control. Other people are using to gauge themselves to find out where they fit in the spectrum. As more content comes together we have essentially created a platform that allows production companies to create content. Any film company around the world can use it since all brains work the same as are emotions. If you pinch me I cry and tickle me I laugh idea.

Is the MyndPlay platform available right now?

Yes it is you can download it for free eight now. You can then download the movies for a dollar or three dollars. You can buy a pro version of the player available now. But you do need the headset which is available from us and there are a half a million headsets in the market. The headset is ninety-nine dollars but we are looking to be bundled so we are selling a headset and three movies for a hundred dollars.

Regarding the headset, how does it work?

The headset has a contact point to the earlobe as pure grounding. Because we are in an environment where there is a tremendous amount of electrical activity the ear allows us to isolate the brain. That is, the ear picks up the electricity from your body, your muscle movement, from the air and basically counts it as noise which allows the headset to concentrate on your brain. This allows us to pick up the spectrum of brain states which are broken into your basic five of alpha, beta, theta, delta, and gamma. Now we know that theta state is your working state but it is also your agitation state. We also know that alpha state is your relaxation state and that is universal. What you're getting from the brain is a binary code and it is interpreted by the MyndPlay platform and the result is broadcast to the PC, for instance, by bluetooth. There is also great replay value. You can watch the movie a number of times and get a number of different alternatives. ||